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Rotating selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from Merit Roasting Co. of San Antonio, Texas. 

12oz bags- whole bean

Andino- Originating in Huila, Colombia, you will most often find this in our shop featured as espresso.  The combination notes of chocolate, butter, and black cherry give this coffee the versatility to hold up to any brew method you prefer!

Brisas Del Mogotón - Long-time Merit partner Bayardo Jímenez is back on the menu with a perfect summer filter coffee. We love its crisp lime acidity and notes of hops and light spice. Interesting and refreshing.

Larcho Torka - The Larcho Torka forest is a small sub-region of Uraga in Ethiopia’s Guji Zone. Isolating this coffee to a particular terroir helps highlight unique flavors like violet and pink lemonade. Perfect for a bright pour over. 

Peñaherrera - The Parroquia Peñaherrera in northern Ecuador create a coffee that impresses with a complex acidity. Think apricot, green apple, and grapefruit.

La Falda - On our brief hiatus from Merit staple Andino, enjoy this smooth-bodied coffee from nearby producers in Garzón, Huila. Notes of red apple, marshmallow, and cocoa powder.

Anderacha - Ethiopia’s Abana Estate revolves around a social mission: fair wages, sustainability, and community medicine.  They are also innovators, creating coffees like this syrupy-sweet selection from the Anderacha series. Notes include Anjou Pear, Buttery, & Tangerine.