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Rotating selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from Onyx Coffee Lab of Arkansas.

12oz bags- whole bean

Monarch- Monarch is Onyx's most developed roast. It is a flavor profile that they designed to work well with fats. This coffee works extremely well with cream or as an espresso that has a high volume of milk. A very sweet sugar dense coffee that binds to the fats and creates multiple complex sugar browning notes from Swiss chocolate to cacao depending on the amount of milk added. Enjoy as drip or espresso.

DECAF Peru Cajamarca- Decaffeinated coffees can taste just as good as the real thing, and this coffee is an excellent example of that. Great coffee, no caffeine. This Certified Organic coffee from Peru was intentionally processed to become decaf. When it was cupped as a regular green sample, it was flagged to become decaf. This intentionality in sourcing keeps the quality high by starting with an already great coffee. That quality shines in this coffee through its intense sweetness and texture. The decaffeination process was done naturally with ethyl acetate, made from sugar cane. This ensures the integrity and terroir of the coffee remains and is without the caffeine. You can sleep easy after enjoying a cup of this silky and sweet cup.

DECAF Colombia San Jose- Calm down with delicious decaf from one of Onyx's favorite villages in Colombia, Inza. As a decaf, this coffee performs well as both an espresso and filter. Creamy mouthfeel tasting of vanilla and orange gives an almost creamsicle aftertaste.