Coffee Beans | Onyx Coffee Lab

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Rotating selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from Onyx Coffee Lab of Arkansas.

12oz bags- whole bean

Southern Weather-  This is the first blend created by Onyx and you will most likely find it as our house drip coffee- but it can even double as a fantastic espresso.  The notes of milk chocolate, plum, and candied walnut will satisfy any palate.  

Colombia La Palma Socorro Pico- Socorro Pico is a female producer from the Santander department.  This coffee features an interesting profile of blackberry wine, molasses, lime, and chocolate.  If you like a fruit forward coffee and enjoy a slow pour- this will be for you! 

Cascara Tea- Cascara is the dried husk and fruit of the coffee cherry.  The beans are removed and the pulp and skin are usually waste.  However, if you steep these dried coffee cherries, the result is sweet and herbal with a syrupy richness- perfect as a hot or iced tea!